Earth Day this month was just one opportunity for brands to communicate what they are doing to protect the environment, sharing their efforts and striking up inspiring conversations to feed into the national awareness occasion.

UK governments have set the target of achieving net zero by 2050 and so now more than ever, it is important to ensure business strategies include environmental goals – not only for the health of the planet, but to demonstrate how brands are being active in supporting communities and the wider world.

An ESG strategy is pivotal for businesses of all sizes to ensure the net zero transition is as robust as it can be. As well as encouraging buy in from eco-conscious consumers, a clear sustainability strategy that shares your brand’s values and efforts to work towards a set vision, has also been proven to attract investment alongside top talent.

At Jennie Holland PR, environmental protection is close to our hearts, and we have partnered with My Square Metre and Tree Sisters to offset our carbon usage with tree planting and wildflower planting – alongside taking part in local litter picking initiatives often.

As a brand that cares, we have compiled the top reasons why an environmental strategy should be at the core of what brands are doing to promote themselves:

  1. Gets you noticed

Sustainable activity is an optimal element of brand strategy and with so much of the UK working towards being more eco-conscious, any efforts will be well received by those looking to hear more from your brand, so it’s worthwhile shouting about what you are doing through multiple channels.

  1. Adds value

Your audiences want to make the right decision when it comes to investing in a service that they need and alongside having a quality product, choosing brands that show care and support for the environment is what will add value for them and sway them towards picking you – so don’t hesitate to talk about eco-conscious activity whenever possible.

  1. Talent acquisition and retention

Candidates are more likely to choose companies that are demonstrative in giving back to the community and the environment, so alongside attracting consumers, ensuring your sustainability strategy is evident during a recruitment drive is fundamental.

  1. Investor relations

As well as candidates, investors will find your brand more of an attractive option to invest in when you demonstrate value through sustainability. Incorporating this into your ESG strategy provides evidence that you are committed to the future of your business, the communities in which your company operates, and the government’s net zero targets, working towards a greener future.

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