Keeping up with social media trends may seem impossible and for many of us (including me), it is a full-time job!

Looking back, 2021 presented some whopping statistics showing that 4.55billion people around the world now use social media [1] (that’s more than half of the world!) and this number is only expected to rise in 2022.

So, you must be wondering what you can do to utilise and maximise your social media presence and what trends should you be looking out for – well look no further, we’ve got this covered with our five key trends to keep an eye out for.

  1. Social Media eCommerce

Social media is becoming the new high street as 70% of consumers admit to searching for products that they want to buy on Instagram and Facebook[2].

Buyers are now able to take their path to purchase from the comfort of their own homes at any time, from product discovery, click-to-purchase to post-purchase support.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the total revenue generated solely through social commerce is expected to exceed £696billion by 2023, with a prediction that 95% of us will choose to make purchases via an eCommerce platform by 2040.[3]

  1. Video Content

We’re sure this trend comes as no surprise too as we’ve seen TikTok thrive (overtaking Google as the most-visited site in the later part of 2021), whilst other social media platforms continue adapt, ensuring video content more accessible to audiences.

As a result, online videos are expected to make up for more than 82% of all consumer traffic in 2022[4] as both Twitter and Instagram confirm that video content on their platforms generate more engagement compared to text only posts (because viewers are more likely to retain a message when they watch it in a video, compared to reading it).

Although this trend has already swept across social media in 2021, 54% of consumers said they would like to see MORE video content going forward in 2022[5]. Therefore, it is important to consider how your marketing strategy can adapt and focus on content creation moving forward, in order to remain relevant.

  1. Authentic Content

We are all used to seeing the best of everyone on social media, whether this be brands or influencers. However, it appears this trend continues to evolve as audiences see past filters and overly curated content.

Honest and relatable content will continue to be a vital part in connecting with followers and building relationships.

Not only will this type of content boost your engagement, it will also refine your audience, increasing customer retention and loyalty.

  1. Content Creators & Online Communities

The creator economy is said to be worth over a staggering £73billion [6], and with this is mind, it comes as no surprise that there are now over 50million content creators within the profession – whether full-time or part-time.

With these eye-watering stats, there is no question as to why brands are now ditching the traditional advertising route and opting to utilise their ‘social currency’, which gives monetary value to their followers, likes, comments, shares and views.

Many of us have already recognised this ongoing trend across TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest, however, in 2022 we are expecting to see a rise in LinkedIn influencers, seeing more professionals growing their personal brands and showcasing their expertise within their field.

  1. The ‘Metaverse’

A brand-new phrase which will become well known in the not-so-distant future and will be soon to change the digital economy for good. What is the ‘Metaverse’? you ask?

I the simplest of terms and specifically applied to the digital sphere, The ‘Metaverse’ will give the opportunity to brands who will be able to bring their audiences into a virtual reality world that they have built themselves – instead of brands building a community on social media sites they do not directly own.

We may be looking beyond 2022 with this trend, but the metaverse is set for rapid growth with the technology primed and brands ready to cross over into new worlds (including Gucci, Nike, Disney, Snap, and Facebook who are all in the midst of creating their virtual metaverse communities).[7]

This new term has many of us wondering how the metaverse will change social media for businesses.

Although this concept may seem millions of miles away, Ben Francis recently showed a Gymshark meeting which took place in the metaverse, so all we can really say is watch this space…

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