Link building, or creating backlinks, is the process of getting other websites to link to pages on your website via a hyperlink.

We as PRs include link building in our digital PR strategies as it’s an essential tactic in boosting the ‘authority’ of our clients’ web pages.

A hyperlink is a connection between two pages on the internet. With a link, people can easily travel from one website to another, it’s an efficient way to direct people to your website or specific webpage to drive sales, but it’s more than that.

PRs work to secure links on high domain authority websites. High domain authority is a search engine ranking score. Websites with high visitor figures – such a national news sites like the BBC or Daily Mail, have high domain authorities and therefore are a great target for link building. The search engines like the fact your website is linked on one of these well-read sites and it helps your websites search credentials – helping you be found online.

This is of course a simple explanation of a more complex digital process, but on behalf of our clients, we work with journalists and other online influencers to establish links on influential websites to not only drive traffic to our client’s website, but to also boost their website’s search rankings, helping them to be visible and found online.

In short, the more links the better for your business.


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