In 2020 most people are familiar with the basics of social media – so what’s the point in paying for an external agency to manage this for your brand right?

There is a huge difference between using social media for personal use and for business use, and as a Nottingham social media agency we manage multiple social accounts for clients across a variety of sectors.

Our experience and industry knowledge means that the content we create and the way we manage social media channels on behalf of our clients is of a professional standard. Also our news acumen ensures that we can stay abreast of many events and issues in the daily media sphere, which is invaluable for social commentary and engagement.

We’ve outlined below just a few of the many benefits of using an external PR agency to manage your social media channels.

Keeping the momentum going

Ever have a week where you feel that just don’t have anything to post? Most agencies will plan strategic content in advance so there is always regular, relevant and timely updates. This engages with audiences and shows your followers that you are active and busy.

Knowing real time updates

Social media channels are constantly introducing new updates, and these offer great opportunities to brands to bolster their profile and can even help with e-commerce sales, although they can be hard to spot and navigate at times and can take some getting used to. Agencies receive regular social training which includes forecasting of updates and instruction on how to utilise them for different business needs, to ensure that updates can be as commercially valuable as possible and client strategies can then be adapted accordingly. Did you know that Instagram is introducing a number of updates tailored towards its business users? We’ve rounded them up here.

Knowledge of awareness days and hashtags

Any social media agency worth its salt will have a calendar of content for key awareness days, holidays and seasons. We also know which hashtags make a real impact and how to use these effectively.  We can create posts which latch on to dedicated hashtags to increase visibility, and can equally plan content when we know a particular date is coming up.

Understanding audience and analytics

A social media agency will analyse metrics each month to find out what is working well on social channels in terms of engagement with primary target audiences and what isn’t. These metrics allow us to measure success, plan strategies and tailor future content. At Jennie Holland PR, we produce a report each month for our clients so they can understand the key metrics and how their channels are performing.

Content creation

Many agencies will also create professional visually appealing graphics alongside content for social channels. These graphics can be still or animated, GIFs or just simple relevant stock images. We create still and animated graphics here at Jennie Holland PR that are bespoke to clients, these are crafted to fit the style of any brand.

Tone, language and brand identity

Social media agencies create content which is likely to garner the highest amount of engagement from audiences. Taking into account brand values, identity and services, we define a certain tone of voice and language style, to ensure brand identity is consistent and resonate with target audiences, tailoring content to suit each social channel.

If you are interested in hiring an external agency to manage your social media, get in touch with Jennie Holland PR today.

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