Amy Webley, intern at Jennie Holland PR

By Amy Webley


Two weeks ago, I started my placement at Jennie Holland PR. After the first week in the office we have all been working from home following government advice, as I’m sure many of you are too.

Working from home, while common for some, is new territory for a lot of us. I am currently studying a coursework-based degree so I am used to self-motivating and working alone.

With my previous experience of working independently and the last week spent working remotely at home on my placement, I wanted to share some tips that I have found helpful.

Working from home tips:

  • Start the day with a form of indoor exercise

The first thing I do every morning is exercise for 30 minutes before starting the working day through yoga or pilates. While this can feel like a chore in the morning, I find it wakes me up and leaves me feeling energised and productive

  • Get ready for the day

When working from home it can be tempting to spend the entire time in loungewear. But to maintain a feeling of productivity, I find I feel better when I feel like I’ve actually got ready for the day, wearing clothes that make me feel good while still comfortable.

  • Create a new routine

Going into the office gives a structured day with a fairly consistent routine. Some people hate routine, but if you are like me and love it, just know you can still have this at home – try to structure what you can and create a new at-home schedule.

  • Plan what you can

Nothing beats ticking off a to-do list.

  • Stay hydrated

Easy to forget but important to do!

  • Take regular breaks

Just taking a few minutes to de-stress and re-charge the batteries can help your productivity.

  • Stay in touch with your colleagues

Working from home can feel lonely and the chances are your colleagues are feeling the same way. Staying in touch is important to ease those feelings and can give you the opportunity to bounce ideas back and forth like you could in an office.

  • Get some fresh air

At the end of the day I like to get outside in the fresh air and enjoy my daily exercise. I vary this throughout the week by walking, running and cycling to ensure I can wind down whilst being outside.

These are uncertain times and we are all having to adjust both personally and professionally, but taking these steps to keep the mind and body healthy is a positive step in the right direction as we navigate these challenges.

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