The faces behind a business make the cogs turn – and that’s why we’re so interested to see and hear from them, otherwise known as employee advocacy.

Social media posts from business employees talking about topics in a personalised sense generated 64% more engagement than those that did not, a recent report has shown – and this is testament to the importance of employee advocacy as part of a business’s communications model.

So why do we relate more to these posts?

The answer is because we’re simply human – we relate to other humans, to their thoughts and to their musings, and we’re more likely to connect and trust communication in this form.

The promotion of a business by those who work in it builds credibility and is an easy way for employees to take part in marketing efforts – sharing company messages, demonstrating activities and authentic opinion-driven personal experiences.

Not only is employee advocacy beneficial in terms of optimally reaching audiences in a business sense, but it also plays a key role in professional development through showcasing expertise and involvement with a company’s offering.

Everyone has something to gain from employee advocacy – it’s a chance to raise awareness of a brand, boost credibility, generate engagement and new business leads and attract talent.

For employees – the opportunity to enhance their professional profiles, expand following, network and nurture relationships with fellow business contacts is limitless.

Four easy ways to kick start employee advocacy are:

1- Share expertise as often as you can

2- Use storytelling to show authenticity and build trust

3- Celebrate achievements and activities to show the human side of the business

4- Be transparent about what you do – business wise and personally – audiences appreciate this

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