Unlocking the power of social media – here’s what brands searching for success should be harnessing

By Tate Foxell, Jennie Holland PR

Social media is constantly changing and evolving, and it can be challenging to stay up to date on the latest trends and insights. Whether you’re an individual user or a business owner, it’s crucial to understand the latest developments in social media to effectively leverage its power.

Here are some of the most significant social media insights to keep in mind:

  1. Video content is key

In today’s digital age, video content has become increasingly popular on social media, with platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube leading the way. It has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to grab the attention of viewers and engage them in a way that text or images alone cannot.

By incorporating this into your social media strategy, your business can showcase their products and services in a more dynamic and interactive manner, with the added bonus of the algorithm favouring video content.

Video content can also be used to share valuable insights and expertise, helping business establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries.

  1. It’s all about UGC

User-generated content is content that is created and shared by users of a particular brand or product. UCG can help provide a more authentic and relatable perspective on a brand or product.

By encouraging customers to share their experiences and opinions through posts, comments, and reviews, businesses can tap into the power of social proof and create a sense of community around their brand.

Sharing user-generated content showcases the authenticity and diversity of a brands customer base, while also building trust and credibility with potential customers.

Not to mention, UGC can provide valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviours, helping businesses improve their products and services based on customer feedback.

  1. Ecommerce on social media

While social media has always been a place for users to encounter promotions, it has now evolved into a marketplace where users can make direct purchases.

With this shift, businesses have a unique opportunity to promote and sell their products or services in the same place, turning their social accounts into lucrative sales channels. Within just a matter of clicks, brands can make sales through a seamless and convenient purchasing process.

Platforms like Instagram shop and TikTok shop have all grown in popularity over the past year, encouraging more brands to try out this new avenue of selling.

Yet it’s important to note, this change also means that social media users are now being exposed to more commercial content, so it is vital that your brand stands out in this competitive environment.

  1. Algorithms

Algorithms determine what content a user sees on their feed. However, these algorithms are constantly evolving, so simply posting content is not enough to guarantee success- it is vital to understand the algorithm to achieve optimum engagement.

For example, Facebook’s algorithm now prioritises content from family and friends over business or promotional content, whilst Instagram prioritises content based on engagement rate, and TikTok’s is primarily based on the users’ interests.

We’ve put together a few ways brands can take advantage of the algorithm:

  • Consistency

The more frequently a brand posts, the more likely its content will be pushed out to its users.

  • Hashtags

Relevant and trending hashtags are an easy way to increase the reach of your content, making your posts far more discoverable.

  • Engaging with your audience

By actively engaging with your audience through comments, direct messages and other forms of interaction, businesses can signal to the algorithms that’s their content is engaging and generating discussion.

So, whether is creating high-quality video content, encouraging UGC, or leveraging e-commerce features, social media presents endless opportunities for growth and success of your business.

For advice on how to grow your company social channels, get in touch with one of our team!

The importance of influencers in PR campaigns

Social media influencers are everywhere today, and subconsciously or not we are influenced by what they say. Followers trust what their favourite influencers say, so working with them is crucial to your marketing strategy for your PR campaigns. In fact, the influencer marketing industry is set to reach $16.4B (£13.5B) in 2022.*

What is an influencer?

Influencers, as you may have guessed, influence people via social media by sharing what they do in a day, what they may be buying and their hobbies, typically with a significant following. Not all influencers have millions of followers … nano and micro influencers, for instance, might have between 1,000 and 50,000 followers, whilst celebrity influencers, such as Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande, will have hundreds of millions.

What do influencers add?

Companies will choose the influencers they want to work with based on their business goals. They may want to choose people who reflect their characteristics, such as a baby company wanting to collaborate with a mum; or a company may want to target its audience at an older or younger demographic. When done right, influencers can be the key to boosting a company and its profits.

Successful influencer campaigns

  • Daniel Wellington: In 2011, founder Filip Tysander used $15,000 to launch an influencer campaign on social media, which he now owes much of his success to. In a time when influencers were not everywhere you turned, Tysander took a chance on this new way of marketing, and it paid off. He would exchange a watch to micro influencers in return for a post featuring the watch, quoting the brand. Today, Daniel Wellington is worth an estimated $35.87 million** and partners with the likes of Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner.


  • Dunkin’ Donuts: 2020 saw the then most followed person on TikTok, Charli D’amelio, collaborate with Dunkin’ Donuts releasing a drink titled ‘The Charli’. Her 95 million followers responded extremely positively to the campaign, and over the next year, Dunkin’ held a competition on TikTok with the #dunkinmenucontest gaining 43.5 million views. Charli and Dunkin collaborated on merchandise that sold out and ‘The Charli Cold Foam’ was released. Since the first drink came out, 3/4 sales skyrocketed; there was a 57% increase in app downloads and a 20% increase in cold brew sales.*** This campaign also allowed Dunkin’ to expand their consumer base to teenagers and children.


  • Levi’s: In April last year, the brand worked with six celebrities/influencers, from rapper Jaden Smith to youtuber Emma Chamberlain to climate activist Xiye Bastide, in their ‘Buy Better, Wear Longer’ campaign. For Levi’s, the ad was ‘a call-to-action for Gen Zers, urging them to reuse, repurpose and reduce their consumer footprint.’**** The various industries the influencers came from, and their different supporters, brought a wide variety of potential new customers. After the first half of 2021, Levi’s profits were up 198% … yet another great example of influencer marketing.*****


The influencer marketing industry is rapidly growing, so if you are not using this strategy, it may worth your time of day!

Contact our team at Jennie Holland PR for a chat on how influencer marketing could work for your next project.


* https://influencermarketinghub.com/influencer-marketing-statistics/

** https://www.networthspot.com/danielwellington/net-worth/instagram/




Calling all PR pros – we are hiring!

If you are passionate about and skilled in all things PR, then we’d like to meet you! We’re looking for a talented PR Account Manager and a Senior PR Account Executive to join our team.

We are a boutique agency in the heart of Nottingham’s Lace Market in the city centre, with coffee, cake, access to the shops and everything else you could wish for during the working day right on your doorstep.

Our environment is creative, inclusive and supportive of talent and progression, and we work smart and celebrate success (both work and personal). We offer flexible working with a blend of home and office days and additional annual leave days for keeping the mind happy, as well as team outings.

In your role you will be working alongside the wider team on a varied portfolio of great brands, across a number of sectors – and we can guarantee no day with be the same!

If you are looking for an opportunity to use your skills and creativity to wow our clients and make a real difference to their businesses, then this is the role for you.

We offer progression, ongoing training and development, and a fun place to work where you can thrive. There are no big agency politics or the ‘sink or swim’ approach. Here you are a key member of our team and will be supported.

An overview of the roles is below – please visit Indeed for full details on the PR Account Manager role and Senior PR Account Executive role. 

PR Account Manager job description:

– Deliver PR strategies and campaigns across an exciting mix of b2b and b2c brands, with the support of an account director and account executive

– Client management and communication

– Creating optimised media content including press releases and features

– Plus other content such as blogs, web copy, award applications, video

– Media relations and press office activities

– Keeping fully informed of the national and international news agenda and trends and identifying media opportunities for clients

– Working with online influencers

– Social media strategy, content and management

– Online community management to build quality followers and create engaged online communities

– Managing and mentoring an account executive

Experience, skills and attributes required:

– Three plus years of experience working in a similar role

– Working in a PR or press team (ideally agency but also in-house)

– A track record of delivering quality media results for clients

– Plenty of press release and other content creation

– Managing social media accounts and delivering campaigns

– Comprehensive understanding of and a passion for social media – the features and opportunities they present

– Digitally minded and driven

– Confident communicator with clients, journalists and others

– Enthusiastic and organised self-starter with lots of creative ideas

– A relevant degree such as PR/marketing/journalism/communications/business

– Salary is dependent on experience and attitude.

Hours: 37 per week

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Permanent


  • Additional leave
  • Casual dress
  • Company events
  • Company pension
  • On-site parking
  • Sick pay
  • Wellness programmes
  • Work from home

Schedule: Monday to Friday

Experience: Public Relations: 3 years (preferred)

Work remotely: Yes

Senior PR Account Executive job description:

– Deliver PR strategies and campaigns across an exciting mix of b2b and b2c brands, with the support of a senior account manager

– Client liaison

– Media liaison

– Creating optimised media content including press releases and features

– Plus other content such as blogs, web copy, award applications, video

– Media relations and press office activities

– Keeping fully informed of the national and international news agenda and trends and identifying media opportunities for clients

– Working with online influencers

– Social media content and management

– Developing optimised social media content, organic and paid

– Online community management to build quality followers and create engaged online communities

– Media and social media analysis and results reporting

Experience and skills required:

– 1-2 years of experience working in a similar role

– A track record of delivering PR strategies for clients

– Digitally minded and driven

– Confident communicator and an excellent writer

– Enthusiastic and organised self-starter with lots of creative ideas

– A relevant degree such as PR/marketing/journalism/communications/business/other

– Social media content creation; organic and paid

– Track record of managing social media accounts and delivering campaigns

– Comprehensive understanding of and a passion for social media – the features and opportunities presented by a range of channels

– Salary dependent on experience and attitude.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent


  • Additional leave
  • Casual dress
  • Company events
  • Sick pay
  • Work from home

Schedule: Monday to Friday

Experience: Public Relations: 2 years (preferred)

To start your journey with us, please send your CV to hello@jenniehollandpr.com.

We’re never too busy to tell you about new clients!

If you’re reading this and you work in marketing – we think you’ll probably be experiencing the same as us – work has suddenly become super busy!

In the swiftly dwindling weeks up to Christmas, we always experience a surge in activity as projects and campaigns need maximizing and completing before the festive break, and it’s certainly come upon us fast this year!

We are lucky to be working on a really varied blend of projects and even though we feel like we are running at a 100mph, we do it in a calm and composed manner – just as PR pros do.

We love to use the excuse ‘too busy’ to let our blog slide, but this one is all about new business wins so there is no excuse big enough not to share it.

We love working on new brands and really appreciate clients choosing our team as their digital PR partner – we get such a buzz from it and never take it for granted.

First up is fifth-generation family business Kerry’s Fresh. This wonderful, wholesome and highly successful company deliverers boxes of joy to you door. By joy we mean everything you could need for your big or small food shop, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, bakery and pantry items, meat, dairy products and much more … and they have been serving customers since 1885!

With no other packaging, aside from the boxes which are reusable, it’s a brand we are passionate about and we proud to be working with them in the digital PR and social media spaces.

Next up is Rototek, one of the UK’s biggest technical rotational moulding plastics businesses, which means the team at Rototek create over 100 different products ranging from sailing boats to water tanks, and bedside tables for the health service to bright red monsters! A rapidly growing and varied firm with plenty to shout about.

Last but not least is Sherwood Oak Homes, a residential property development firm invested in creating well-designed, spacious homes. We’ve just been appointed as its PR agency as construction work start on an impressive new development in Mansfield – which will bring 313 new homes to the market in 2022. We will be leading a media campaign on the development and delivering social media management of its platforms.

As an agency, we pride ourselves on having collectively over 40 years’ experience in multiple sectors such as property, food and drink, beauty, legal, heritage and more – and celebrate working with loyal, long-standing clients and new brands that like what we do.

5 social media ‘dos’ at Christmas time

Christmas is the perfect time of year to work extra hard on your social media and promote your business in a stimulating way. It’s important for you to engage with consumers to grab their attention and nurture your relationships with them.

Whilst many are investing more time online, it makes sense to utilise the festive period to further connect with customers who will be spending money online and making decisions about the new year during the Christmas build up.

At Jennie Holland PR, we spend our time creating engaging content for our clients to bolster brands and connect with audiences, and we have shared our top five social media ‘dos’ for staying engaged with followers over the festive period.

1. Create a Christmas competition 

Social media competitions are a great way to generate engagement and buzz around your brand, particularly if they’re fun and festive! It’s important before launching and promoting a Christmas competition that you identify your business goals and what you wish to achieve. Goals may be to grow engagement rates, drive traffic, or simply boost sales. Most importantly, make your Christmas competition engaging, to help you attract customers and stand out from the competition.

2. Design and post festive content

A simple yet effective way to make your social media fit for the festive season, is by creating festive visuals and content for your social media feeds/pages. For example, you could edit your brand logo or social profile picture by adding a Christmas filter, or introduce festive colours such as red and green across your pages to add a seasonal, inviting touch. Although, be careful not to steer too much away from your own brand identity.

3. Don’t stay quiet

Christmas is undoubtedly one of the busiest times of the year for most businesses, but it’s important that your brand and its communications are louder than ever during the festive build up. Competition is likely to be highly increased around this time and it’s vital that you give consumers a reason to shop with you over your competitors, in an oversaturated market – so consider how you’re promoting services, use high quality visuals to ensure your brand resonates, and engage with customers as much as possible.

4. Wishing your customers well 

One of the best ways to connect with and develop relationships with your customers is by wishing them well and thanking them for their business during the festive season. Customers feel really valued when you acknowledge them and even a simple Merry Christmas and Happy New Year message goes a long way to showing the personality behind your brand and the fact that you care.

5. Launch a blog 

If you don’t have a blog on your website at this stage, the new year would be the perfect time to launch one. Blogs are a really useful tool for increasing traffic to your website, as well as creating an identity for your brand that consumers can engage and resonate with. There are tonnes of new year related themes that you could kick start your blog with, to get your customers reading and engaging – starting with business resolutions for the future.

Contact us today at Jennie Holland PR – as your PR agency, we can adapt and implement new strategies, strengthening your brand and business.