Cracking Christmas campaigns of 2020 (so far)

Christmas is usually an opportune time for brands to utilise PR, social media and digital marketing to spread some Christmas cheer.

We can all agree that Christmas 2020 will be different, but whatever festive cheer means to you this year, we think you will be able to enjoy some of our favourite Christmas campaigns of this year (so far).

Action for Happiness: December Kindness Calendar

With all kinds of new advent calendar concepts popping up – Action for Happiness has launched a downloadable December Kindness calendar, its aim – to boost our mental health and happiness during these uncertain times. We may not have been able to have as much control as usual over our lifestyles this year, but we can always choose to be kind to ourselves and others.

Christmas is a time for appreciation and showing love to those around you, so we can certainly all try to be more kind, especially during this festive season.

Take a look and download the free kindness calendar here:

Image: Action for Kindness

Spa Seekers: Mulled wine hot tub spa

After the year we have all had, an entire hot tub filled with mulled wine would certainly go down a treat!

Taking boozy to a new level, a campaign launched by Spa Seekers invites holiday goers to try a spa session which features a soak in the mulled wine hot tub, a festive massage and a free bottle of booze to finish.

Take a look and book a session here:

Image: Spa Seekers The world’s favourite Christmas films

Using Google search data, were able to rank the most searched for festive films around the world.

It’s no surprise that Love Actually was at the Top of England’s list, with a search volume of nearly 1million! That’s our weekend planned…


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