Attitude really is everything

Companies select PR consultants based on a proven track record of results and return on investment, and a clear strategy for their brief. Gelling with the PR team also plays a really important part in the decision-making process of which team is the right fit.

These elements will often win you the work, but they don’t guarantee you keep the work.

At JHPR we have long-standing client relationships which are built broadly on quality results and trust, but our client feedback tells us that it is the attitude of our team above all else that keeps them engaged with us.

Attitude is a difficult one to define or to know why some have a certain attitude to life and some have a very different one. Our attitudes are shaped and built by our experiences, from   childhood, through education and into our work life and beyond. Many factors affect it including age, experience and generation, and as a business owner, I have seen that attitudes vary wildly.

In life, attitude really is everything. Your attitude will define how you deal with things, your success and happiness, and this is particularly true in the workplace.

As seasoned senior PR professionals, we are used to things changing quickly – it’s a daily occurrence for us – be it a fast turnaround media deadline, influencer requests, viral social media posts, a breaking news story, or a client needing us to move our attention to a new priority, it’s why we do what we do. Being agile and tenacious is part of the job but having the right attitude is critical.

Attitude plays a key role not just in healthy client relationships but also within the team. Working with like-minded professionals who want to do their very best for their client and in turn be the very best version of themselves at work, are usually the ones who enjoy the most success, have long standing client relationships and go home with a sense of pride in what they have achieved.

As a senior-only PR team we share a can-do attitude and belief that client is king, or queen 😉. It’s what we pride ourselves on and is why we work with so many great brands, usually led by people with the same attitude and work ethic as us.

By Jennie Holland