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Social media is a must-have for brands looking to grow

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that can be harnessed to promote your business’ products and services and plays a key role in further building and maintaining brand identity, loyalty and reputation.

With so many social media platforms; from TikTok to Twitter, and the constant updates to the features and algorithms, knowing which ones are right for your business can be tricky – let alone finding the time to invest in keeping them active.

We’ll manage the whole process for you

Ensuring your social media platforms are kept up to date with engaging content is the key - as they provide a another, highly-effective, touchpoint for your customers and potential customers, who are able to learn about your company values, products/services, team, news, culture and much more – all in one place.

At Jennie Holland PR, social media management forms a large part of what we do, and it goes hand in hand with our digital PR services - creating an all-encompassing, effective marketing strategy for your business.

We understand that having an active social media presence and bringing it together with your other marketing efforts and wider marketing can be a time-consuming endeavour, which is why we manage the whole process for you.

A key element in your wider marketing approach

For our new clients, it all begins with Jennie Holland PR developing a social media strategy, which is in line with your wider marketing approach. We do this to establish your business’ tone of voice, brand identity and key messaging, which is the footing we need to have the best outcomes.

From there, it’s all about creating engaging, varied content which either educates, inspires or excites its readers. As well as creating and posting the content, we also undertake essential ‘community management’ on your platforms, which means organically growing your followers and interactions.

Creating content the resonates with audiences

As well as the day-to-day management of the social media platforms, we proactively monitor current news, events and hot topics of conversation in your industry and respond quickly by creating content, which provides your business’ stance or involvement on a particular trending subject. This keeps the conversation with your followers current and interesting.

Whether it’s developing brand new social channels for your business or nurturing and growing existing ones, our experienced and passionate social media team deliver excellent results that make a real difference to your business’ profile, reputation and sales.


David Yates, YMD Boon

"Jennie Holland PR is an extremely proactive agency which provides a bespoke and targeted approach to our business. The team has excellent connections and with their wealth of industry knowledge, they have been invaluable in not only raising and maintaining our profile through the press and social media, but also through important introductions. We have been delighted with the results Jennie Holland PR have consistently achieved for us exceeding expectations at each step and the desired impact on our business; greater profile and growth. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for a proactive, creative and dedicated PR team who always go above and beyond in all they do."

Anna Hartley, ANIKI

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all the team at Jennie Holland PR. They are so professional and instantly make you feel comfortable and at ease. They quickly understood our brief, brand and the core messages we wanted to portray. Everything has been delivered on brand, budget, time and of an incredibly high standard. I certainly would recommend them and will certainly keep working with them for future projects."

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