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Digital PR is one of the soundest investments a business can make

In essence, it can impact all areas of a business, from profile and credibility through to sales and recruiting. The PR industry is vast and digital PR agencies can specialise in a number of niches.

A digital PR strategy is not just high quality media coverage or press releases. It is complex and all elements are equally important in achieving the best outcome in the shortest period of time.

Each element of PR is important. This can range from blog posts, link building, announcements to the mass media or a content strategy. This ensures the clearest and most meaningful messages are heard by the right audiences.

An all-encompassing approach to your company’s communications

PR is a much discussed and often confused discipline. We have more than 20 years' experience as a PR agency and believe public relations can be simply defined. Your target audiences can be reached most directly via search engines. This is why good PR goes hand in hand with solid SEO foundations.

The below is what we see as the main components of a digital PR campaign:

● Quality, targeted media and online influencer coverage
● An active and engaging social media presence
● A clear, easy to navigate and engaging website
● Well-managed SEO and PPC
● Proactive business development

Raising your profile to achieve maximum results

A team of skilled PR practitioners will raise profiles through traditional PR, content marketing, influencers and social media channels. Digital PR can also be enhanced through strategic introductions, sharing quality content, intel, event and award recommendations, and other marketing opportunities.


Joe Taylor, Franklin Ellis Architects

"Jennie and the team have worked with us for a number of years and have transformed the way we approach our marketing and PR. They react quickly, adapt to changes when required and always provide a superb level of service. We would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone who needs support with their marketing/PR/Communications."

Eileen Sleaford, Footprints Conductive Education Centre

"At a time when small charities like ours were worried about the effect of a lockdown with businesses and individuals tightening their belts, Footprints Conductive Education Centre was fortunate to receive three months of valued PR support from Jennie Holland PR during the first lockdown. Highly recommend – such a friendly, professional company!"

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