I have been working at Jennie Holland PR for a month now and time has indeed flown by! I always had a feeling that I would work in PR – I love people, words, and being creative, and PR absolutely encompasses all of these things.

Ever since I undertook work experience at Jennie Holland PR a few years ago, the MD Jennie and I both said we felt our paths would cross again, and here I am! It is funny how life works out sometimes.

I have however been on quite the rollercoaster ride up until now. I have had seven different jobs since I was 18, ranging from bartending to being a receptionist, to delivering post for Royal Mail over lockdown – what a busy Christmas that was!

I have also attained two degrees: a BA in English Language and Linguistics and an MA in Broadcast Journalism. And yet, as I was turning 25 this year, I had not yet begun my ‘career’, I was starting to panic! Looking back, there was no need. We all have a different journey into a career, and I now have the benefit of a few years of ‘life’ experience from varying, customer facing roles.

However, the prospect of starting a career can be terrifying when you don’t know exactly what you want to do or where you want to be, or where you see yourself in ten years’ time. There are so many questions we are told to ask ourselves before we embark on our journey of higher education and then employment.

Since starting my new job here at digital PR agency Jennie Holland PR, I have realised how much time I have spent in recent months thinking instead of just doing, and the thing I have come to realise is, you never really know a lot about anything until you try. I spent a lot of time post-MA thinking that as I had an MA in journalism, following a path in journalism was surely what was expected of me? But truth is, my heart was in PR! And now I am here, I am thrilled.

The team at Jennie Holland PR have really welcomed me with open arms and the office is such a lovely environment to work in – it’s always a fabulous day when the boss walks in with iced coffees! We have such a range of clients and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone properly as we continue working together. Like any new job, there is a lot of new information to take in but I have learnt so much already and I am excited for what lies ahead.

Having a background in broadcast journalism is actually incredibly relatable to PR – I loved many aspects of my MA so it feels great to be able to transfer some of my skills. As I have worked on the news/press side of things, I have a good understanding of what journalists are looking for from our content, and I have a good knowledge of things that require close attention, such as triple checking facts and sources, grammar, copyright of photos, and accuracy of quotes.

I also enjoy thinking about how stories can be approached from a different, perhaps more original and engaging angle. PR is heavily people orientated too and I have a lot of experience chatting with people on the phone, setting up and conducting interviews, and working in a team. I am also excited to exercise some of my digital and editing skills to help clients build their brands – bring it on!

By Alice Cammell

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