With lockdown 2 being officially enforced this week following government guidance, after what seemed like a stretch of freedom and some kind of normality, the UK is knuckling down for four weeks of staying indoors and working from home again (albeit this time, with an expiry date).

Many businesses will need to close doors to the public during this time, many will carry on working from home as they have been since March and many will be setting up their home workspaces once again.

Whilst common for some, working from home can be relatively new territory for others and for those who have had to work from home, to go back to work, only to have to return to the home set up again – the change in routines can be difficult to digest and can leave many feeling unsettled.

As well as trying to ensure a seamless transition into working from home to ensure business doesn’t suffer, staying well mentally and physically is of pivotal importance, especially during the pandemic, and with the long spring and summer days gone and the short, cold, dark days here – in this second lockdown, it’s even more vital to take care of ourselves at this time.

Here at Jennie Holland PR, we understand that everyone is trying to navigate these strange waters, for the second time, and so we have compiled a list of tips to help you get used to working from home – again.

  1. Stick to a routine

Shorter days mean that we tend to feel more tired and once we are finished with work it’s darker outside. As you would when working from your office, try and set your alarm for a decent time – to ensure that you can get up and showered, have some breakfast and a cuppa, and even a short brisk walk so you feel set up and ready or the day. Take your regular lunch break and have a wholesome nutritious lunch and don’t forget to take frequent breaks from your screen to help your eyes and concentration.

  1. Plan for the next day

To conclude your working day, create a list ready for the next day to help to keep you organised. This will allow you to categorise what you have to do, helping to keep your mind at rest and allowing you to switch off for personal time after work, which can be difficult when you are working from home, without as many positive social distractions due to lockdown.

  1. Be sure to exercise

A luxury of this lockdown, is that you are encouraged to get as much exercise as possible – and taking regular walks, runs or completing a home workout will help to bolster mental and physical health which is of paramount importance during the pandemic, and at this time of year. Taking exercise outside also means getting fresh air which is important when you are limited to spending lots of time indoors.

  1. Eat healthily

Eating healthily is one of the simplest and most vital things you can do for your body at this time, as a healthy body means a better immune system during the pandemic. Eating well will also optimise your mind leaving you feeling more positive and able to concentrate better.

  1. Stay hydrated

Simple, but effective – ensure you keep a daily ritual of filling up and remembering to drink a few bottles of water per day. This will leave you feeling refreshed, energised and will help to lift your mood and improve brain function.

  1. Stay connected

Interaction keeps us sane and we may not be able to brush shoulders with one another at the moment – but staying connected can be done in many different ways – over messenger, on the phone or on Facetime or Zoom. Keeping close communication, whether it be with clients, work colleagues or loved ones is vital for maintaining relationships, bouncing ideas off each other and staying happy.


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