The food sector is ever-changing and has completely evolved over the past two years following the shift to home working, which altered consumer habits and food choices.

It can be hard to stand out from the crowd, as well as meeting the needs of today’s consumers, so to give you some inspiration we’ve complied a few trends that are dominating the market and are here to stay.

Environmentally sustainable

With the fast pace of change across the sector, there is more demand for transparency on where ingredients are sourced from and the impact on the environment – 67% of UK adults say that it’s important to have a healthy diet for both themselves and the planet*.

More companies are making the shift towards sustainable operations and using creative ways to communicate it. Whether it’s removing plastic from all packaging, becoming net carbon zero or adapting recipes to contain less fat, sugar and salt.

Colour is key

Poke bowls, rainbow salads and pink burger buns are just a few food trends that have taken over our social channels as consumers opt for vibrant, ‘Instagrammable’ food.

Colours attract attention and help products stand out on shelves, with people gravitating towards bolder, brighter shades to reflect optimism and excitement as life returns to normality.

We’re seeing brands tapping into cultural moods and trending flavours, with sour and exotic choices on the rise like passionfruit, as well as nostalgic flavour iced caramel latte, as consumers look for comforting experiences. Health and wellbeing are also still top of mind, with popular and immune-boosting ingredients matcha, turmeric and ginger making an appearance.

Plant-based remains on top

The rise of the plant-based movement continues, from nut butters to meat substitutes and this year’s biggest trend is fish alternatives as brands look to take vegan and vegetarian products to the next level.

The best way to create a buzz around your brand is to know your audience and connect with them, to help elevate your products, with shareable storytelling content.

Incorporating these trends into your business will help to get your brand noticed, opening up more engagement and reaching more audiences.

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