Our digital PR executive, Paige, recently completed the six-week Sustainability Community Lab course at Nottingham Trent University to support us in delivering our sustainability strategy.

The course has been designed to support and encourage SMEs in Nottingham to take steps to become more sustainable. The course consisted of Paige conducting in-house research, facilitating group activities and attending events with guest speakers to help build a business proposal.

During the course, Paige developed a business proposal to identify the sustainable changes JHPR already implemented as a business and what we could change further. There were a few challenges along the way, as we operate within a co-working space, and it was difficult to determine what we could and couldn’t change within the physical workplace.

Luckily, we share our space with another company who is on its way to becoming B Corp which is where we aim to be as a business. Our new office space has been designed using recyclable materials for furnishings, energy saving lightbulbs, recycling bins, office plants and more.

At JHPR, we already have a number of sustainable practices and commitments in place, such as being part of the Tree Sisters tree planting initiative, where we have planted over 650 trees and counting. We also organise group litter picks and donate to environmental and wellbeing causes.

As part of marking our six years in business, over the next 12 months we are also committing to six good deeds, to give back to our community. These deeds will include supporting charitable organisations, cleaning up our local areas, and getting hands on out and about in nature. This will be done in work time so we can capture our company’s social value impact and is part of our annual plans moving forward.

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