With an immense gain in popularity over the past 24 months, there is no question that TikTok is one of the most used social media platforms of 2021. Its soaring popularity saw the app garner over 2.8 billion downloads by April 2021, a figure which is ever-growing.

TikTok’s creative and distinctive features provide its users with the ability to create humorous and memorable content which unlike other social media platforms, has the potential to go viral no matter how many followers they have.

From catchy dances to hilarious memes, TikTok’s enticing yet addictive nature has lured in millions of youngsters; keeping them thoroughly entertained and adding an element of excitement to the recent lockdowns.

However, it is important to recognise that it is not just Gen-Z that have been drawn to the platform’s dynamic environment but that individuals of all ages are making use of the new phenomenon with 53% of users in March 2021 over the age of 30. As a consequence, this has made TikTok an ideal place for many businesses and brands to reach out to a whole host of keen customers.

From Ryanair to Gucci, it seems that there is a way for many industries to enter the vibrant TikTok community, whether that’s getting involved in viral trends or creating sophisticated adverts to appear among videos on the ‘For You’ page.

Below are four key features that brands should utilise on the platform:

  • Creating Your Own Content

No matter the size of your business, TikTok can provide you with the ability to effectively reach out to your target audience through the creation of captivating content. In order to connect with customers, content is more successful when it is of an authentic nature; expressing the true essence of the brand. Content can be created through using phones to film a video which incorporates elements of the business such as filming a dance in the workplace or showing off products with catchy and trending music in the background.

  • Using Hashtags

As a business, sponsoring hashtags has proved itself to be a highly successful way of attaining a high level of engagement and a great way to spread awareness of your brand. A striking example of this was the #DealDropDance created by Walmart to assist them in their first TikTok campaign where they encouraged users to share videos of them in the store dancing to express how the Black Friday deals boosted their mood. This outgoing campaign has reached 4.1 billion views to date and demonstrates perfectly how if used properly, hashtags can create major promotional opportunities for businesses large or small.

  • Branded Effects

Over the past year, big brands such as MAC Cosmetics and Burberry have gone above and beyond in striving to elevate their marketing strategies further through the creation of brand lenses which can be used to add special effects to user videos. These effects can often evolve into trends as seen by Burberry’s #BurberryTB trend which has arisen from their Burberry TB Brush effect created predominantly to promote their new TB Monogram Collection.

  • Make use of TikTok Influencers

TikTok has acquired its own pool of influencers which work with businesses to promote services or products. In order to make this collaboration as successful as possible, it is important to work with influencers which have similar values to ensure any content truly represents your brand and USPs. Estrid a vegan razor brand has worked with influencers on the platform including Olivia Neill, a Northern Irish TikTok and YouTube star who currently has a following of 1.2million to create sponsored videos to advertise their small unique brand and help it flourish.

As TikTok continues to evolve and grow there is no doubt that it will have an increasingly prominent place in the world of marketing.

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By Kate Wilkins

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