by Saskia Purdy

The constantly evolving media landscape makes keeping up with the latest trends important. From AI to smart technology and everything in between, businesses need to consider all-encompassing plans that enable them to holistically integrate contemporary media methods.

Here are our top three media trends to consider:

  1. Artificial Intelligence

It is common for users of generative AI platforms such as Chat GPT to ask broad questions for tips and tricks. Although opinions about chatbots vary, it is undeniable that their prevalence is growing. As of 2024, AI platforms rank among the top three information-searching strategies for Gen Z. Its expected this will continue to grow with Gen Alpha, with 20% of 12-15 years olds primarily using social media to browse for products to buy. How can this be applied to your business? As consumers increasingly consider AI for shopping assistance, businesses will gain a competitive edge by experimenting early with AI-driven features.

  1. Social Media

Changes within the broader trends might make it more challenging for businesses to keep up with them. Depending on how a business adapts, these changes could have a favourable or unfavourable impact on them. Social media is a prime example of this. Although an untraditional method, it has been integral to the PR of businesses for some time now. So what are some of the main growing trends in social media?

-Video is King. Whilst long format is becoming more popular with over half the time users spend on TikTok is spent watching videos over a minute long, short-form video still remains the best performing video form. Regardless of length, video marketing remains a leading method in PR and marketing.

-Social commerce, whilst not suitable for all businesses, is a method which reaches a new, wider demographic through a more dynamic, responsive, and engaging format than traditional methods. With an average of over 2 hours a day spent on social media, it is undoubtable that social commerce will only grow in popularity.

-SEO on social channels increases sales through creating shareable content and building a strong following. 40% of Gen Z choose to search on TikTok rather than Google. This method allows businesses to attract more targeted traffic through increased visibility and higher engagement.

How can this be applied to your business? Posting regular content on your social media channels can not only increase product sales, but also help portray your brand identity to consumers, building their trust through authenticity and communication.

  1. Data Driven Narratives

In the crowded news environment, data driven storytelling has become increasingly attractive to journalists looking for fresh stories with an edge. Data is being leveraged to enhance campaigns, inform decisions, and launch innovative PR strategies. Incorporating data into PR strategies has multiple benefits:

-Captivating and Compelling Pitches to Journalists

-Creating Impactful Stories

-Reach and Resonate with Readers

How can this be applied to your business? By leaning into the trend of Data Driven PR, a company can become more strategic in their communication with journalists and their readers, aligning the method direction with their goals.

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