The transformative power of internships -unlocking career aspirations through my work experience at Jennie Holland PR

Embarking on a career path can be both thrilling and daunting, especially when you’re unsure of your true passion, but how can internships help you discover your calling?

As a firm believer in the transformative power of internships, I had the opportunity to explore various fields and gain valuable insight into my professional aspirations during my work experience placement at Jennie Holland PR.

When I began my journey, I was filled with curiosity and excitement but lacked a definitive career goal. I knew I had a hunger for knowledge of the PR industry, but I was uncertain of which path to take.

I embraced the concept of an internship as a way to explore different areas and open myself up to new experiences.

My time at Jennie Holland PR was a pivotal experience that profoundly impacted my career aspirations. The dynamic environment of PR fascinated me, as I witnessed first-hand the power of strategic communication and its ability to drive success.

The ability to adapt writing for different clients and audiences, manage multiple responsibilities, and grasp industry-specific knowledge, played a crucial role in developing my skill set. Adaptability is a valuable skill that will prove beneficial in any industry, regardless of whether I pursue a career in PR or not.

So, even if you engage in an internship within an industry that you do not enter you will undoubtedly pick up beneficial and transferrable skills along the way.

For those still searching for their career calling, I encourage you to embrace the unknown and explore internships in various fields. Take advantage of the opportunities available to you and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone by trying something new.

Internships are much more than just a bullet point on your resume; they are transformative experiences that can kickstart your career and affirm your aspirations. If you find yourself unsure of your career path, remember that internships are not just about finding answers—they are about asking the right questions, meeting the right people, and uncovering your passions. You never know what you might discover.

King Charles’ Coronation: The brands that did it best

On Saturday 6 May King Charles ascended to the throne, which marked a new monarchy for the United Kingdom and a historical moment for the country following Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign.  

With the British public and international fans tuning in for the royal moment, we wanted to take a look at how brands celebrated the momentous regal occasion. 

Check out our favourite royal campaigns: 

EasyJet Holidays- BuckingSand Palace 

In celebration of the King, EasyJet unveiled a mini replica of Buckingham Palace which was made entirely out of sand.  

The sculpture, which was made using a bespoke sandcastle bucket, is a scale model of King Charles’ official London residence, and marks the brand’s ‘Holidays Fit For A King’ summer promotion. 

Image credit: The Drum

KitKat: Thanks for the extra break, Sir 

KitKat took its iconic ‘Have a break’ tagline to the nation on the weekend of the Coronation, with a campaign to mark the royal event by thanking the King for the extra day off. 

Image credit: Little Black Book

Royal Mail: Charles and Camilla 

Royal Mail postal workers who share the same first names with the King and Queen Consort, posted letters on Coronation Street in Brighton, days before Charles is crowned at Westminster Abbey on Saturday. 

Image credit: Royal Mail Twitter page

Alzheimer’s Society – ‘Unmemorabilia’ 

On a more poignant note, the Alzheimer’s Society highlighted the shocking statistic that one in three people born today will develop dementia in their lifetime.  

Placed on a coronation themed ‘Unmemorabilia’ mug, the creative leads with the headline: ‘A day one in three of us won’t be able to tell our grandkids about’. The ad hopes to raise awareness of the impact of dementia and raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society’s support and research. 

Image credit: The Drum

If you’re looking for creative ideas and some great PR support to help bring impactful brand campaigns to life then contact us today at Jennie Holland PR.   

April Fool’s Day campaigns that pulled the wool over our eyes

April Fool’s Day is an opportunity for brands to harness the power of PR, social media and digital marketing to create humorous campaigns to prank consumers once a year.

We’ve seen brands tease us many times before with new product releases, to determine whether they would be well-received. From spreadable Yorkshire Tea in 2019, to Burger King’s ‘chocolate whopper’ in 2018 which actually later made its way onto menus in certain restaurants, brands have pulled out all the weird and wonderful stops to see how the UK public would react. 

We’ve compiled some of the best bizarre pranks of this year: 

McDonald’s milkshake sauce pots 

We all know that some maccies lovers like to dip a chip into their milkshake, creating a salty-sweet combo. In a bid to bring the idea to life, McDonald’s shared the news that they were launching mini sauce pots in the flavour of their milkshakes. 

Although it was a great opportunity to test the water and gauge customer’s reactions, it was just a joke! 

Image credit: McDonald’s UK Twitter page


This April, Malibu rum and the Scottish classic Irn Bru got people excited for their partnership with a new canned cocktail – MaliBRU. 

With thousands of people loving the idea, and demanding it to be released, the brands announced the clash wasn’t real. Watch this space as we might very well see the Scottish summer cocktail lined on supermarket shelves one day. 

Image credit: Malibu Rum UK Twitter page

Thorpe Park’s Lost Souls Pop-Up 

The renowned Thorpe Park played the public with its claim to open a ‘Lost Souls Pop-Up’ store, which would see the brand flogging old, lost shoes that have been collected from beneath its rides.  

From Pumas to Dunks and New Balances, Thorpe Park has us all fooled that the new shop would become a part of the attractions as its thrilling theme park.   

Image credit: Thorpe Park Official Facebook page

If you’re looking for PR support, to adapt and implement new strategies, strengthen your brand and business then contact us today at Jennie Holland PR.  

Unlocking the power of social media – here’s what brands searching for success should be harnessing

By Tate Foxell, Jennie Holland PR

Social media is constantly changing and evolving, and it can be challenging to stay up to date on the latest trends and insights. Whether you’re an individual user or a business owner, it’s crucial to understand the latest developments in social media to effectively leverage its power.

Here are some of the most significant social media insights to keep in mind:

  1. Video content is key

In today’s digital age, video content has become increasingly popular on social media, with platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube leading the way. It has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to grab the attention of viewers and engage them in a way that text or images alone cannot.

By incorporating this into your social media strategy, your business can showcase their products and services in a more dynamic and interactive manner, with the added bonus of the algorithm favouring video content.

Video content can also be used to share valuable insights and expertise, helping business establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries.

  1. It’s all about UGC

User-generated content is content that is created and shared by users of a particular brand or product. UCG can help provide a more authentic and relatable perspective on a brand or product.

By encouraging customers to share their experiences and opinions through posts, comments, and reviews, businesses can tap into the power of social proof and create a sense of community around their brand.

Sharing user-generated content showcases the authenticity and diversity of a brands customer base, while also building trust and credibility with potential customers.

Not to mention, UGC can provide valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviours, helping businesses improve their products and services based on customer feedback.

  1. Ecommerce on social media

While social media has always been a place for users to encounter promotions, it has now evolved into a marketplace where users can make direct purchases.

With this shift, businesses have a unique opportunity to promote and sell their products or services in the same place, turning their social accounts into lucrative sales channels. Within just a matter of clicks, brands can make sales through a seamless and convenient purchasing process.

Platforms like Instagram shop and TikTok shop have all grown in popularity over the past year, encouraging more brands to try out this new avenue of selling.

Yet it’s important to note, this change also means that social media users are now being exposed to more commercial content, so it is vital that your brand stands out in this competitive environment.

  1. Algorithms

Algorithms determine what content a user sees on their feed. However, these algorithms are constantly evolving, so simply posting content is not enough to guarantee success- it is vital to understand the algorithm to achieve optimum engagement.

For example, Facebook’s algorithm now prioritises content from family and friends over business or promotional content, whilst Instagram prioritises content based on engagement rate, and TikTok’s is primarily based on the users’ interests.

We’ve put together a few ways brands can take advantage of the algorithm:

  • Consistency

The more frequently a brand posts, the more likely its content will be pushed out to its users.

  • Hashtags

Relevant and trending hashtags are an easy way to increase the reach of your content, making your posts far more discoverable.

  • Engaging with your audience

By actively engaging with your audience through comments, direct messages and other forms of interaction, businesses can signal to the algorithms that’s their content is engaging and generating discussion.

So, whether is creating high-quality video content, encouraging UGC, or leveraging e-commerce features, social media presents endless opportunities for growth and success of your business.

For advice on how to grow your company social channels, get in touch with one of our team!

Keeping your eyes peeled and your options open is the best way to explore future career paths – Finley Knowles, JHPR intern

Starting a university degree that you have always wanted to do is great, you feel like you have achieved something really big and you got there all by yourself, but what if you fall out of love with it?  

Exploring multiple options and trying new things is the best way to learn more about yourself and gain fantastic life experiences, whilst helping to further your career. 

I came to university with my heart set on being a broadcast journalist and although this is still an option, as the course progressed, I realised it may not be for me.  

I chose to do a personal relations module on the course and was so glad I did, as I realised I could be creative, still produce written, social, audio and video content, as well as work alongside multiple brands that I had an actual interest in. 

This led to me seeking a work experience placement at Jennie Holland PR for a month and wow, what a month I have had! 

Throughout my time here I have gained invaluable knowledge from the team and have been involved in many aspects of public relations – attending client meetings, filming and crafting content for social media, sitting in on interviews and drafting press releases, alongside getting stuck into research tasks and competitor studies. 

Access to JHPR’s media and editing software allowed me to be really hands on with creative assets, tailoring content and bringing brands to life through social channels, and it was really interesting to see how powerful these tools are for amplifying brand campaigns and messaging. 

Working across multiple sectors, from jewellery to construction, law and a whole spectrum of professional services, really helped to diversify my understanding of how different industries work and the important role that communications plays in ensuring brands are seen and heard in the right places. 

Being immersed in the brands allowed me to put my university skills into practice and apply them to a real-world setting, highlighting what I enjoyed most about my PR module I had enjoyed so much during my course. 

The placement helped me to understand that public relations is a path that I want to pursue and I’m looking to furthering my career in the communications industry.  

When I joined university, I was convinced I would leave a journalist, but my advice to anyone starting out is to explore your options, as you really will learn so much about yourself and the opportunities that are out there. You can end up doing something you really love, and you will also meet some great people along the way! 

Smart content is vital for brand visibility – here’s how we do it well

Press releases; whether you think of them as an essential route to media or a traditional tool, we know the power they behold to bolster your brand.

Building your businesses profile, reputation and driving sales can be the work of the mighty press release – if it’s done right. While we say content is king, the content has to be accurate, engaging and smart to work its magic.

A great article by one of our favourite reads, PR Daily, outlines how press releases can serve a host of other purposes, including helping readers find you from behind a paywall and increasing your site’s search ranking on Google.

PR Daily’s recent SEO Certificate Course for Communicators covered this topic and included Visably’s Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Strategy.

Within the guide there is lots of brilliant intel on search and in particular how we can optimise releases for search. Here are top tips from Visably’s guide.

1. Small keyword tweaks can have big effects on search volume

If you have a headline or key descriptor phrase in mind, double check to make sure that’s actually how people look for that type of benefit or product. For example, the keyword phrase “Portable Kayak” has only a third the search traffic as “Lightweight Kayak.” These small changes to the title of your press may make a major impact down the road.

2. Who you quote matters

Quoting a recognisable figure like your CEO or other public figure (sponsored athlete, celebrity chef or social influencer) in the press release may provide your content with greater visibility as those people may be the subject of searches themselves.

3. Original graphics and data help

Not only will your press release be more likely picked up by the journalists, but search algorithms will also recognise and reward original content and data presentation. Not all press release topics will have this opportunity, but it’s worth pushing your team towards generation and distribution of original content and research.

4. Don’t be spammy

Indiscriminate distribution of press materials continues to plague the PR industry. Beware that with SEO, you can actually incur tangible penalties from this kind of behaviour. Follow links from websites of questionable reputation can weigh negatively on your page rankings. You don’t want just anyone publishing your press release.

You can find out more about how press releases can serve a host of other purposes, by reading the Visibly guide here.

Goal setting for your business in 2023

Struggling to get started with outlining your business ambitions for the new year?

After the haze of Christmas cheer that is cheese, wine and all things fine, it can be difficult to get your head into gear when the new year arrives.  When working out what you want to achieve in 2023, it’s important to know where you want your business to go.

A clear strategy will motivate your employees to achieve, which will in turn, drive growth and great results. That’s why goal setting is so important – so you have tangible aims that you can work towards.

From planning effectively to envisioning the future, here are our top tips for business goal setting in 2023…

Make your goals SMART
When creating goals for your business, it’s important to keep this acronym in mind. Be specific – what exactly are you hoping to achieve? Make plans as detailed as possible, so you know exactly what to work towards. By having a clear plan, you can then measure the progress and results of your success. While it’s important to be ambitious, if your goals aren’t achievable, you won’t be able to reach them and you may discourage your employees in the process. But equally, remember that you can’t expect quick or big results straight away, you have to be realistic. Working towards them all is part of the journey, but make sure you are accomplishing any goals in a timely manner. Set a time frame, and make sure that you’re consistently working towards it.

Assess your strategy
The new year is a great time to take a step back and see what is working and what can be improved. If something is working well, wonderful – but how can you expand on this and make it even better? If something is not working so well, take a look at why this is the case. Just because something has been done the same way for a while, it doesn’t mean it’s the right way. Don’t be afraid to be bold, be brave and to take the risks needed to elevate your business to the next level. Involve your employees in these conversations for valuable, on-the-ground insight, as well as potentially bringing in externals for a fresh pair of eyes.

Meet regularly to measure progress
Once the goals are in place, it’s important to make sure you stay on track to meet them. Mark down key months and events for your company in your diary, and plan regular meetings around these times. This is a great way to be the most productive you can be, as well as checking throughout the year that you’re on track to meet targets. When you do have these meetings, make sure to take notes on what progress has been made since last time, how you can thrive during crucial times, and how you can keep working towards company goals. Send these around to all involved afterwards so you’re all aligned in your vision.

Maintain motivation
This is important not just during regular meetings, but throughout the course of completing your goals. Make sure that positive results and successes, no matter how big or small, are tracked and celebrated when they come in. Putting a system in place to do this, such as a monthly breakdown or even a weekly motivational email, will allow you to keep track of how well you’re doing. This will boost morale and drive you all to keep working hard and pushing towards those goals.

If you need help achieving your business goals through PR for 2023, get in touch with us at Jennie Holland PR on 0115 998 3048, or email

JHPR progresses with its journey to becoming carbon neutral

Our digital PR executive, Paige, recently completed the six-week Sustainability Community Lab course at Nottingham Trent University to support us in delivering our sustainability strategy.

The course has been designed to support and encourage SMEs in Nottingham to take steps to become more sustainable. The course consisted of Paige conducting in-house research, facilitating group activities and attending events with guest speakers to help build a business proposal.

During the course, Paige developed a business proposal to identify the sustainable changes JHPR already implemented as a business and what we could change further. There were a few challenges along the way, as we operate within a co-working space, and it was difficult to determine what we could and couldn’t change within the physical workplace.

Luckily, we share our space with another company who is on its way to becoming B Corp which is where we aim to be as a business. Our new office space has been designed using recyclable materials for furnishings, energy saving lightbulbs, recycling bins, office plants and more.

At JHPR, we already have a number of sustainable practices and commitments in place, such as being part of the Tree Sisters tree planting initiative, where we have planted over 650 trees and counting. We also organise group litter picks and donate to environmental and wellbeing causes.

As part of marking our six years in business, over the next 12 months we are also committing to six good deeds, to give back to our community. These deeds will include supporting charitable organisations, cleaning up our local areas, and getting hands on out and about in nature. This will be done in work time so we can capture our company’s social value impact and is part of our annual plans moving forward.

JHPR is moving on up… and moving down the street!

As we enter the last quarter of 2022, at JHPR we’re pleased to say it’s been another exciting year of growth for the team and the company, and that’s not all… 

We’re thrilled to announce that we have moved to a new office! 

We haven’t gone far though, as we’re still in the centre of Hockley in Nottingham (one of our favourite parts of the city with independent eateries, bars and shops a-plenty), just down the street from where we used to be.  

Our new address is: 

Western House 

Western Street 


NG1 3AZ 

It’s a co-working space, so we’re sharing our large open plan office with the wonderful team at architectural practice Arc Design Studio. 

The new space affords us much more room for our growing team, with plenty of meeting rooms and break out areas so everyone can work where they want – be it a desk or a sofa! 

Complete with a games room and excellent coffee machine, we’ve taken the last couple of weeks to settle in as we enjoy this new, flexible approach to working. 

As a company, we are pleased to have recently welcomed new clients to our portfolio and we have some big plans in the pipeline too.  

We can’t say too much right now, but 2023 will have a whole new look and feel to it and we can’t wait to share our plans with you. 

If your business needs a PR or social media boost, why not get in touch? We’ll get the coffee brewing if you’d like to stop by for an informal chat about how we can help you – get in touch with us via Alternatively, you can book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your requirements. 

What’s on in Nottingham this autumn/winter

Being located in the heart of Nottingham city centre, means that we are in-the-know when it comes to the city’s activities taking place this time of year.

As the nights are drawing in, we’ve hand selected some fantastic events from now up until the New Year, with a variety for all ages to enjoy.

Goose Fair

From fairground rides to food stalls, nothing says Nottingham tradition quite like Goose Fair.

The fair started on Friday 30th September and is on until Sunday 9th October. This fantastic event is free to enter and perfect for the whole family to enjoy.


In the mood for something spooky? Don’t forget to carve out some time for pumpkin picking. Why not head to Nottinghamshire ‘Pick your own pumpkins’ in Southwell which is free to enter and runs until 31st October?

Or get lost walking around the Labyrinth experience at Nottingham Maze in Arnold from 14th October until 30th October (Age restrictions and entry costs apply).

If you’re looking for something a little less active but still as fang-tastic, visit the Wollaton Hall adventure outdoor cinema on the 27th – 28th of October, where you can watch Hocus Pocus or The Rocky Horror Picture Show for under £20pp. (Age restrictions may apply)


Bonfire Night in Nottingham can be one of the most exciting nights of the year, so we’ve rounded up some of the best firework displays.

Starting with a bang on Sunday 29th November from 5pm, Nottingham Racecourse, Colwick Park, will host fireworks choreographed perfectly to music. (Prices vary)

If you don’t mind travelling outside of Nottingham City Centre, you can see not one, but two firework displays on Guy Fawkes night itself, on Butt Field, Bingham, NG13 8GG. The gates open at 5.30pm with the bonfire being lit at 6pm. (Tickets under £5)


For all the theatre lovers and families looking for a laugh and festive fun this Christmas, the Nottingham pantomimes are the perfect place for you.

The Theatre Royals performances of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs start from the 3rd December until the 8th January, but if you can’t wait that long, head round the corner to The Nottingham Playhouse to sing along to Dick Whittington which begins on the 25th November. (Panto prices vary)

New Year’s Eve

To end the year with a bang, look no further than the extravagant, Big Top Ball at Colwick Hall from 7pm on Friday 31st December. The Greatest Showman inspired event includes a three course sit down meal, fireworks and a DJ until 1am. (Tickets are £89pp)

If you’re thinking of something quieter this New Years, head over to Wollaton Hall and Deer Park for their Christmas Light Show, with last entry at 9pm. (Ticket prices vary.)

With all these events in mind, there is something for everyone to make special memories this festive season.