From the inspiring women in our families and friendship circles, to our remarkable female clients and the fantastic women we work alongside daily, we consider ourselves very fortunate here at JHPR to be surrounded by such amazing women.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated each year on the 8th of March, honouring women of the past, present and future generations who have championed change in gender equality.

Countries all over the world unite today, inviting men and women to partake in campaign efforts to raise awareness and celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

The origins of International Women’s Day can be traced back to March 8, 1857, when garment workers in New York City staged a protest against inhumane working conditions and low wages, according to the United Nations (UN). In 1908 a women’s rights march in New York City saw 15,000 people advocating for better pay and voting rights.

IWD was then commemorated in the United States with countries like Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland joining the occasion in 1911. The day has since been marked annually on March 8.

The theme for the International Women’s Day 2022 is Break the Bias.

Knowing that bias exists isn’t enough, whether deliberate or unintentional, bias, makes it incredibly difficult for women in their careers and personal lives. The focal point for this year’s campaign is to raise awareness and rally gender equality.

We wanted to use today to highlight what International Women’s Day means to team JHPR and what you can do to get involved.

Why is International Women’s Day important?

Managing director, Jennie said: “International Women’s Day shows people where there are biases and where there needs to be education.”

“It educates people on the current issues and brings together people who are working towards a shared mission of making things better for people from every different background. It’s an important way of highlighting women’s issues and rights.”

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Digital PR executive, Alice said: “It’s a wonderful recognition, I think, of everything women have been through to get to where we are now. We are strong, we are determined and yes this should be recognised every day, but I think it’s nice to mark something in the calendar just to especially appreciate it for a moment.”

“Also, in the world we live in now, with many people identifying more as women, that just adds a whole other level … and I think this year, women’s day will be more about that than ever … look at who is part of this women’s tribe NOW, you know? It’s more about what being a “woman” means I think as opposed to actually BEING a woman?”

Do you have a favourite quote to share for International Women’s Day?

Senior social media executive, Nav said: “A quote that has stayed with me is in fact from Beyonce, “Don’t just talk about it, be about it.”

“Sometimes I feel like it is so easy to talk and think about things you want to do, but never end up carrying these dreams out. This quote just reminds me that actions will always be louder, be fearless and go out for what you want!”

Who inspires you?

Digital pr executive Elyssia said: “I’d say my family and friends. I am incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by strong, independent and resilient women in my life, who inspire me on a daily basis.”

Are there charities or organisations you follow, that inspire you?

Senior account manager, Georgina said: “ The amazing charitable work that is going on in countries where girls and women face unbelievable treatment because of their gender.”

“Charities such as Fields of Life – which we have had the pleasure of working with in the past – are working to provide young girls with an education, period products and clean water in regions including East Africa and elsewhere.” Their work helps to ensure that girls needn’t miss school because menstruation causes them to stay at home in ‘shame’, or because they have to walk several miles every day to collect water instead.”

How do you think we can all help to break the bias and live in a gender equal world?

Senior account manager, Katie said: I think it’s important that women speak up against any form of discrimination in a personal sense or if you see something you don’t think is right – whether in the workplace or in your life outside of work.

We should also be supporting other women where we can in their endeavours and elevating their successes. Education is also key – there are so many resources available to all to understand just how unequal society is in specific industries.

What can you do today to get involved?

The IWD campaign is encouraging people to send or post photos of themselves with their arms crossed in front of their chest to represent the #BreakTheBias theme this year. The #IWD22 hashtag will also be used to bring together conversations online.

You could add on a pop of colour today and show support by dressing in campaign colours which are purple, green and white to represent justice, dignity, hope and purity.

Resources on the International Women’s Day site signpost users to educational materials and women’s charities that help towards the global support for gender equality.

We wanted to do our bit as a team by hand selecting a collection of International Women’s Day messages and wishes to share with the women you love, appreciate and admire on this memorable event:

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all things you do! Happy International Women’s Day!

Cheers to a woman who never stopped trying. You taught me what endurance and hard work are. Happy international Women’s Day.

You are bold, beautiful, compassionate and caring. Wishing you a very happy international Women’s Day.

For all the times you’ve brought a smile and made my days seem brighter. Happy International Women’s Day!

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