As experts in public relations and social media, we love a good date.

And by dates we’re talking national and international holidays and awareness days that celebrate and highlight important cultural, social, humanitarian and political causes around the world – like Valentine’s Day 2020.

Not only can they give us a reason to celebrate, but they give us plenty of topical talking points. With that in mind, we paid attention to a recent romantic holiday and compiled a list of our favourite PR campaigns of Valentine’s Day 2020.


What better way to celebrate love than to… make fun of it?

Twitter’s Valentine’s Day campaign mocked romance using real tweets from users of the popular social media platform. The messages were posted across the walls of the London Underground, allowing thousands of travellers to view a selection of hilarious social media posts.

Relatable to all, this campaign gives a realistic insight into the complex spectrum of love and the ups and downs of romance and dating, and promotes Twitter as an honest and humble platform where people feel they can share their experiences and thoughts from love proclamations to funny dating stories and romance fails.


Gü Puds

Cheesecake company Gü Puds used cheesy love songs for its campaign this Valentine’s Day 2020 – replacing the word you with Gü.

As well as limited edition packaging with phrases such as ‘I can’t help falling in love with Gü’, ‘I will always love Gü’ and ‘I’m in love with the shape of Gü’, the dessert company invited social media users to submit their own lyrics, with a pick of the best selected to appear on a giant screen at London Waterloo station.

Using the hashtag #GuValentinesPacks, the company was able to interact with its audience whilst fuelling a fun and interactive social campaign.



Pepsi used an online social media competition to promote its #PepsiProposal campaign, in which people have the chance to win an engagement ring to propose to the one they love which is made using real Crystal Pepsi.

To make the ring, real Crystal Pepsi was boiled down to its most basic carbon form, resulting in a powder that was added to the process for creating a lab grown alternative diamond.

The winner of the #PepsiProposal competition will be announced on March 16 – America’s National Proposal Day.


KFC X Moonpig

Not quite your average Valentine’s Day cards – KFC and Moonpig teamed up to give chicken-lovers around the world a chance to show affection to their nearest and dearest with eight limited edition scratch and sniff cards.

With KFC’s original recipe chicken being a mouth-watering scent for many, the scratch and sniff cards were a unique and alternative way to display affection, and were certainly appreciated by many receivers.

The special edition cards were available through Moonpig’s website, with eight card designs to choose complete with some incredible chicken related pun – there was even a vegan option!


Oscar and Rosie’s

And finally, one from one of Nottingham’s favourite local pizzerias – Oscar and Rosie’s.

The Nottingham-based restaurant announced a strict policy of no romance under any circumstances, as it celebrated ‘anti-valentine’s day’. They accepted no bookings for two, but instead ran a ‘Pal-entines’ day event for friendship groups. On social media, the company made the most of the annual holiday sharing hilarious videos and content, as well as running a competition for lucky singletons to win free food and drinks.

We love this and think it’s a great way to ditch the clichés.



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