With over 65 million people around the world on LinkedIn, it should be a no brainer for professionals who want to promote their skills and services with wide audiences.

It is also the only social media platform that is aimed purely at professionals. While you still get some ‘informal’ posts on the platform, generally the approach should always be sharing content that is aimed at the business community.

As social media managers, we work to create engaged online communities for our clients and while we do still work with firms who are only just starting their social media journey, we are always surprised by the amount of businesses who aren’t using and utilising the powers of LinkedIn.

So this blog is aimed at this group who, when asked, usually know that they should be on it, but don’t know how or where to start.

So, what’s LinkedIn all about?

The clue is always in the question; LinkedIn lets you link and connect with others, which in any aspect of life is a positive thing.

For individuals, LinkedIn acts as an online CV and a platform to connect with colleagues, companies and new job opportunities.

For businesses it enables brands to showcase its services to potential clients and is an excellent recruitment tool.

As a PR and communications agency specialising in raising brand awareness and getting businesses noticed for the right reasons, we’ve given a few pointers on how to get going and make the most of LinkedIn.

  1. The first step is always the hardest but there is no way around it, go to the LinkedIn website and set up an account – do it now!
  2. Do the basics; add your logo as the profile photo and a relevant but engaging pic for your cover image
  3. Description – Think of your bio as your sales pitch; what your business does. Keep it punchy, succinct and free of jargon
  4. Ok so you’re all set up, what’s next – what to share?! This is what stops a lot of first timers in their tracks and there is flight risk – total abandonment of the platform you have only just got to know. Don’t fear, read on…
  5. Posts: Your business goals and aspirations should drive your LinkedIn and total online presence – whether that’s raising awareness about your service offer as a whole or a more specific product – whatever it maybe you should always aim where relevant and appropriate to direct people to your website
  6. Posts: As you would verbally, share positive company news; impressive work undertaken, achievements, team growth as well as client endorsements etc. Think of it as a portfolio of achievements, and regularly posting will let potential business leads know that you’re active, in demand and successful at what you do.
  7. Images: In as many posts as possible use high quality images and, where possible, videos too, to showcase your brand’s personality and professionalism.
  8. If in doubt about any of the above call us and let us sort it all out for you!


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