What a year! We know everyone is saying it (!!) but there is no denying that 2021 has been eventful. Yet as unprecedented as it has been, we here at JHPR are feeling festive and want to highlight some of our 2021 best bits!

First of all, we have won an exciting array of new client accounts! From fifth-generation family-ran Kerry’s Fresh who supply locally-sourced fruit, vegetables and baked goods (amongst many other things) to a residential property firm invested in creating beautiful, spacious homes Sherwood Oak Homes, we have really had lots to keep us busy. We are excited to welcome the new year and – once we’ve all had a rest! – hit the ground running in 2022.

We have also welcomed new faces to the JHPR team. Both Alice and Elyssia joined us earlier in the year as Digital PR Account Executives, and Katie is now our not-so-new Senior Account Manager. Not only this, but we also had a promotion in our ranks as Georgina moved up from Senior PR Account Executive to Account Manager, and she also celebrated three years at JHPR – here’s to many more exciting times ahead, Georgina! We feel very lucky to have such a wonderful, committed team and look forward to doing more all together in the new year.

Finally, the latter end of 2021 has – drum roll – seen the appointment of a brand-new social media whizz who will be making her grand appearance very soon … more fresh faces! So make sure to keep your eyes out for an official JHPR announcement as we cannot wait to give our new member a warm welcome (not sure if we can say this yet but put it in just in case!)

JHPR look forward to the new year and what it brings. We hope to welcome more and more business, grow as a team, meet new people, look after our wellbeing and physical health, and learn how we can be greener and to action this – there is no Planet B and JHPR are keen to do even better.

On that note, we want to say we hope you have a wonderful Christmas, stay safe … and here’s a list of our team’s favourite Christmas films! What’s yours?

Elyssia – The Night Before Christmas

Katie – Miracle on 34th Street

Alice – The Santa Claus

Georgina – The Holiday

Jennie – Elf


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